The native varieties of grape vines lend the magic touch to the vineyards. For the Reds, large extension of lands have been cultivated with “Bobal”, a characteristic grape of the region of La Manchuela, “Tempranillo” the Spanish grape par excellence and “Garnacha Tintorera” the last acquisition of the winery, which was added to provide an excellent color and body. While for the white wine, we use the “Macabeo” also typical of the area and very common stands out, which is perfectly combined with the "Muscat of Alexandria", which brings sweetness and fruit to the white wines that along with the Macabeo make a perfect combination.

These grapes are born in "old vines" which regulate the vigor of their fruits, propelling them to their maxium expression of quality, adding its special care since they have been elaborated as marvellous ecological wines which guarantees the excellence of Bodega Pardo Tolosa wines.

The vines planted in trellises provide a formidable habitat for organic farming, because the large space between vines provides ventilation that prevents heat condensation and some diseases.