A heavy hailstorm falls on La Manchuela and affects numerous vineyards.

A heavy hailstorm falls on La Manchuela and affects numerous vineyards.

Our vineyards were almost completely spared from the hailstorm that occurred a few weeks ago in our area, allowing us to continue with the harvest as normal.

Last Sunday 7th July in the province of Albacete, what seemed to be a simple summer storm, ended up turning into hail and causing damage to many crops in a phase where vines are also very delicate.

Let us remember that the vines are in the middle of setting of the vines and bunches, so any climatic phenomenon could affect the harvest and reduce its quality, causing both the thickness and the fruit set to be less than optimal.

This hailstorm also affected another wine-growing area, the Utiel-Requena region, damaging a large part of the wineries in the area.

In addition to vineyards, this hailstorm caused damage to other crops in the affected areas, such as olive trees, almond trees, leguminous plants and cereals (it is estimated that up to 10,000 hectares in Utiel-Requena alone), causing damage to plantations ranging from 10% to all of them.

This is why we at Bodega Pardo Tolosa feel particularly fortunate to have narrowly escaped this hail, as it could have seriously endangered our harvest this year. In fact, the storm only affected a small area of our land called "La Ceja", and we hope that this scare will not affect our final production or, of course, its quality.

We will continue to keep an eye on the weather, always looking to the sky and hoping that there are no more scares that prevent us from successfully completing the harvest, which this year looks set to be of excellent quality, so now we can only focus on our work and ensure that the results this year are as positive as we hope and that we can continue to reap success with our wines.