Pardo Tolosa is a winery committed to the environment. For this reason, it produces many of its wines in a totally organic way, following the principles of organic farming established in the winery. For this, it cultivates its vineyards and olive trees in a special way, avoiding any chemical additives that disturb the environment and the natural cycle of the vineyards and olive trees.
The products used on the vineyards, as well as in the deposits during the production process, are fully regulated and controlled by the CAAE through annual audits and constant controls both in the cultivation and in the cellar.
This process began in 2008, and after three years in the restructuring process, our vineyards have managed to obtain all their production certified as organic from the 2011 vintage, all of it registered and certified through the organic production.

Statistics show that many EU consumers, when shopping or consuming food in cafeterias and restaurants, are looking for products with these eco-labels and logos. We mention our organic wines:


Organic farming is an agricultural production system that provides to the customer fresh, tasty, and authentic food while respecting cycles of natural systems.


Organic farming is based on a series of objectives and principles, as well as common practices designed to minimize human impact on the environment, while ensuring that the agricultural system functions in the most natural way possible.