How to Buy

The buying process at Bodega Pardo Tolosa is very simple.

All our wines come in boxes of 6 or 12 bottles.

Click on the "Wines" tab and browse our store and find the wines that you like. In the menu on the right you will find the categories and you will have an exact reference of the section you are in. Access the products to know their description, characteristics, and images as well as their price, prizes, pairing and technical data sheet. The products on sale and featured are clearly differentiated.

Add products to cart
You can add all the products you want to include in the order to the cart. Access the product you want and add it to the cart using the "add to cart" button. Otherwise, if you need more than one item, you can change indicating the number in the "quantity" box before including the product in the basket.

Place the order
To order you must add the products you want to access this basket and using the "Complete purchase". In it, you can review the products that make up the order as well as the quantities or even make any observation related to them. At this time you can also add a discount coupon if you have one.

Once the basket has been reviewed, proceed to formalize the order using the "place order" button. From here the process will start guiding selection of options and filling data needed to complete the order:

  1. 1 – Shipping and billing:
    Enter the shipping / billing information for the order and select the most appropriate shipping method.
  2. 2 – Payment method:
    Choose the payment method that suits you best according to its description and the possible expenses derived from it.
  3. 3 – Summary and confirmation:
    Review the order summary and make the pertinent changes if there is any wrong information before placing the order.

At Bodega Pardo Tolosa, prior registration is not necessary to place an order, since you can buy as a guest, all proof of purchase being sent to your email address.

Depending on the payment method selected (in step 2), it will proceed to immediate payment or the order will be generated pending payment.

Once the order is confirmed, in addition to seeing the unique identifier of your order, you will receive an email with all the information about it: Order date, shipping and billing address, payment method, shipping method and a summary of the items in the order.

Within 48 hours of placing the order, you will receive it at the indicated address. Enjoy it!