Since beginning, this family project has been possible thanks to the dream of the Pardo Tolosa family, to make their own wines exclusively from their lands with 50 hectares of old vines and more than 20 years old.
These vines were planted and cultivated by giving their production to third parties for a long period of time. In 2005 the project took shape and they began to build a winery in the heart of their lands. It was when the first own wine was made with the 2007 vintage called Senda de las Rochas. This brand has established itself as the star wine of the winery due to the care with which it is made year after year, honoring those beginnings.
The great enthusiasm and effort of this family have made it possible that these powerful lands are currently responsible for the entire production of Bodega Pardo Tolosa, producing magnificent wines that make up the entire range of its quality products.
Nowadays, the family controls the entire vineyard; production and commercialization of their wines…A dream come true !!